Six years on the County Planning Commission prior to serving you for eight years as a commissioner has provided a deep well of experience to draw on in supporting your values and bringing your voice to the table. As a commissioner I strive to protect our ability as a community to thrive. That means supporting our local workforce, protecting our unique natural environment, supporting families, and ensuring due process on any issue that comes before our county commission.

I will continue to support local workers that make up the backbone of our community by creating housing opportunities shielded from the wealth of outside buyers. I will continue to protect our cherished wildlife and our agricultural heritage by pursuing policies that preserve open space and direct new development toward the town of Jackson. We are under immense pressure as a community to grow and absorb more visitors, more new residents and more new businesses. I will continue to support policies that ensure this new growth helps our community address the costs it imposes—including additional housing demand and additional traffic, additional demands on first-responders, public health and public safety, and additional pressure on existing infrastructure such sewer and water infrastructure

Most importantly of all I will continue celebrating every member of the community. Each of us have an equally important voice, dignity as a human being, and a unique view. The best part of the job is hearing from you.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work for you as a public servant, and I am humbled by your faith in me. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing our work together to maintain our exceptional place as one of the most remarkable counties in the nation.

Here are my priorities:

1. Continuing efforts to protect our core community values: conservation, growth management, quality of life and a rational business environment. I have hands-on working knowledge of our community values and priorities as laid out in our Comprehensive Plan. I know how to implement thoughtful planning regulations that protect our character, protect our unique natural environment and respect private property rights.

2. Continuing to advance workforce housing—the right housing in the right places supports our quality of life. I’ve been in the trenches on this issue working hard to ensure we have not just more housing but the right housing in the right place.

3. Continuing to examine and revise workplace policies to hire and retain hard-working, capable county staff—most of the almost $50 million county budget supports staff; we rely on their skill and diligence. But times have changed and so to have the needs and expectations of workers. I support living wages and flexible policies for the hard-working civil servants that are here to meet your needs.

4. Continue the implementation of a transportation plan that reflects our community values, affords people safe transportation alternatives, and ensures our ability to respond quickly and effectively to catastrophes.

5. Promote policies that recognize and celebrate everyone in the community, that help everyone feel safe no matter who they are, and that ensure everyone has a voice at the table.

6. Supporting public health policies that recognize diverse views and that are guided by science and trained professionals. By continuing to work together as a community we can thrive despite COVID or other threats to our health.

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