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How Housing Happens, Part 2: Northern South Park

The best potential for new housing on a scale that could meaningfully move the needle on workforce housing in the community is on land known as Northern South Park (NSP) adjacent to the west end of High School Road. Current plans envision up to 1,800 units, at least 1,356 of which would be deed restricted. […]

How Housing Happens Part 1: Partnerships

How Housing Happens, Part 1: Public/Private Partnerships versus the Private Sector I believe the community needs housing that’s 100% for local workers and 100% not for wealthy out-of-towners. Sound impossible? It’s not. But it does require a delicate balancing act of policy, zoning, private philanthropy, public financing, community outreach and thoughtful leadership. I’ve been on […]

The Equality State and Health Freedom

I am thinking about equality, especially for women in the “Equality State,” and how many must feel after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling stripping women of constitutional protections to control their reproductive health. The ruling does not jive with my take on equality and freedom for all. Nor does it jive with my life experience, […]

Teton County: Compassion for Seniors?

Having been born and raised in Teton County and staying to work here as a mountaineering professional, I’ve always known that our Teton County community is compassionate. Whether it’s donating to non-profits through Old Bill’s, pulling together in times of crisis like the Budge Slide, contributing time, land and funds to house local workers, or […]

Property Taxes: Demand the Change We Deserve

Huge increases in property taxes without locally available tools to lower them amounts to taxation without representation. Wyoming state law limits the ability of locally elected officials to reduce property taxes and backfill revenue through other taxes or fees. The fix is in the hands of the state legislature. But good ideas on how to […]

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