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Month / May 2014

Teton County’s Human Capital

Astute visitors to Teton County notice three things: that no matter the horizon, your gaze hits a mountain range that appears untrammeled; that some form of wildlife could and often does appear around any corner; and that the community surrounded by those ranges is vibrant, alive with small businesses, art, music and other forms of culture and entertainment. To a visitor, that’s Teton County.

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Workforce Housing–Then and Now

Workforce housing opportunity: one and a quarter acre a mile from Wilson. $3,000 an acre! Alas, dateline 1967. Based on the Federal Reserve’s measure of CPI, that’s about $21,000 in today’s dollars. It was the price Margaret Schofield was asking on 5-acre parcels just south of Wilson when four river guides/ski area workers/off-season laborers threw their money together, bought a parcel and split it equally among themselves. Say you built a 1,500 sq. ft., Bob Koedt-design, house for $13 ($91 now) a square foot, including your laborer’s wage of $1.80/hour ($13/hour now), with the help of a $17,000 ($120,000 now) loan from Felix Buckenroth. Voila! You have housing for a family of five. Today? Not so fast.

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