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Month / April 2014

Tax Day in Teton County

Tax day! The good news is you don’t owe Teton County any income tax. Or Wyoming. But if you live in the county, you’ll likely contribute something to the county’s coffers before the day is over. The county collects over $23.5 million in tax revenues from two primary sources: sales and use taxes on what and how much we buy, and property tax on the value of our home and land. More good news is that while those collections are high on a per capita basis, nationally our effective local tax rate (percent of sales and percent of land value) is relatively low.

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Teton County Horses

What Does a County Commissioner Do?

A county commissioner represents you more directly than any other elected official. County commissioners are the foundation of a democratic layer cake that get’s more distant the higher you go. In under-populated Wyoming, we run into our politicians more than most. But congressmen and women are often busy in Washington. And because of gerrymandering, your state representative may represent a significant number of constituents in another county as well as you. Commissioners regularly see you, visit with you, and attend to matters that directly impact you.

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